Spiritual Guide and End of Life Doula

As Spiritual Director, I see myself as a spiritual guide, coach, matchmaker, and activist. As guide, I can help you identify and recognize the holy moments in your life and help orient you to your spiritual self. As coach, I can help you find deeper meaning in your life and encourage you as you move toward that meaning. As matchmaker, I can help you deepen your relationship with the holy. As a spiritual activist, I speak the truth in love.

I offer individual, family, and group spiritual direction, and spiritual retreats, for people at the end of life and their family members, and for people dealing with issues related to dying, aging, grieving, disability, and loss.

As End of Life Doula, I work with individuals who have a life limited prognosis and their families and loved ones to facilitate meaning and legacy work and to help create end of life, vigil, and funeral/memorial plans. 

As your companion, my role is to facilitate the relationship between you and the spiritual as you understand it. This facilitation will usually involve sharing your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs; and will probably also include prayer and/or meditation. We may also engage in arts-based practices such as visual art, poetry, journaling, or legacy writing.